All Around Nepal

The fall of 2013 brought me to Nepal.  In the weeks that I spent there I got to see many different parts of this beautiful country.  I started in the south in a place called Lumbini.  This is the place that Siddhartha Gautama was born.  I worked my way over to Chitwan National Park.  They say you can see tigers there, but I did not see any.  I did see some other animals, the most notable being a rhinoceros (no tiger, but still cool).  After the park it was time to go north because no trip to Nepal would be complete without going to Kathmandu and seeing Swayambhunath (aka Monkey Temple).  Here are a few photos from my time in Nepal, hope you like them.

29 responses to “All Around Nepal

  1. Hi! Thanks for the follow … I immediately checked out your Nepal post because that’s one of my favorite places ever. (Check out my Nepal posts if you want to revisit that wonderful country!) I loved your photos and could swear I have a picture of the exact same monkey in the exact same spot. Unlikely, I know, but still uncanny. Happy travels!

  2. Love your photos! I am itching to go to Nepal…we were hoping to go this spring but sadly it looks as though it will have to wait until next year.

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