Memories From Malaysia

In the fall of 2013 I went to Malaysia.  I have to say that before I went there I did not know that much about Malaysia, but as I spent time there and got to see more of the country I got to learn more about Malaysia.  I am happy that I went there and got to learn more about this country because it has some great sights to see.  One of my favorite things that I got to see had to be Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia).  When I was in the city I went and saw the Petronas Towers.  They now are on my list of top buildings I have seen.  Hope you like the photos of my time in Malaysia.

31 responses to “Memories From Malaysia

  1. I was in Malaysia in January. Like you, I didn’t know much about it before I went. But I absolutely fell in love with it. It is definitely home to some of the best street food in Southeast Asia!!

    • Taipei 101 looks great, I would love to go see it some day. I did go to Penang but I only had time to go to George Town. I wish I could have gone around the island more.

  2. Hi there, nice shots of Malaysia and glad you liked your trip to here. I am from KL and glad you enjoyed your stay here.

  3. Malaysia is one of my favourite countries. I’ve been travelling there for the past 40 years ( probably 20-25 times by now)and although it’s changed a lot it’s still a fun place to visit. K.L. & Penang are great but for somewhere a bit different try Ipoh for a couple of days. It has the best food in Malaysia, great scenery and is centrally located making it easy to get to K.L., Penang, the East Coast and even Thailand. Enjoy your travels.

  4. Hi Ryan. I was from Penang, Malaysia before moving out to Los Angeles, CA and I’m glad to see such nice photos representing Penang too. 🙂 I definitely miss the food and the 24 hours mamak places around. I agree that not many people really know Malaysia and I’m glad you decided to go visit while in the region. Happy you enjoyed your time in Malaysia!

  5. Hi, I’m from Malaysia, specifically Penang but am currently studying in the UK. Looking at these pictures makes me miss home even more. Also happy to see that Malaysia is such an enjoyable place to visitors from other parts of the world!

  6. Hello Ryan. Love the pictures! Glad to know that you’ve visited Penang. It’s one of my favourite cities in Malaysia. I’d like to suggest some places for your next visit: islands in the East coast or East Malaysia. If you’re looking to slow down, those are the places to go to.

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