Images from Indonesia

The last stop for my fall of 2013 Asia trip was Indonesia.  I was looking forward to going there because I had heard so much about it and everyone said  how beautiful it was.  Like most people my first destination was Bali.  I did like the island but I knew I wanted to go to more places than just this one island, so I took a boat ride to the Gili Islands.  These islands soon became my favorite place in Indonesia and even one of my favorite places in Asia.  The Gili Islands are not big at all and there are no cars or motorbikes, making them a great place to relax.  After I left the Gili Islands I found myself in a place with way to many cars and motorbikes (that place would be Jakarta).  Over all I can see why so many people talk highly of Indonesia and now I am even turning into that type of person. Here are a few images that I took when I was in Indonesia.

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  1. Hi Ryan. Thanks for stopping by and “liking” my post. Good to meet a fellow traveler. I loved the time I spent in Indonesia. The contrast between Jakarta and the interior of Java was stark back then and appears not to have changed much over the years. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. Nice to hear that you have a good impression of Indonesia, especially Bali. and, owch, you stopped at Borobudur Temple at Jogjakarta too? That’s nice. 🙂

  3. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂
    We have a lot to tell you about Indonesia and our people here. So stay tune to our posts in the future.
    It’s an honor to hear people’s good impression of our country. When you visit here again in the future, please contact me since I can (at least) tell you good places here.

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    Meet a fellow blogger, posting about his experience when he was visiting Indonesia. Let his photos speak about Indonesia.


  5. Hi, Ryan. Thank you for your visit to my blog and island (Bali) as well :). I sure will read more of your posts in the future! Thanks again for your post about Bali and Indonesia.

  6. Hi Ryan. Thanks for passing my blog. Nice pics, by the way.. It’s too bad, you had no chance to visit Medan, my hometown in Sumatera. The motor bike will drive you crazier there..

  7. I loved Bali when I went there two years ago, especially the more rural North of the island (Munduk). It actually inspired me to start my blog (Beauty along the Road) as I wanted to retain that amazing sense of Beauty for Beauty sake that the Balinese seem to hold on to so gracefully. but like you, I am also curious about the other parts of Indonesia. Hoping to get back there some day…

  8. Great clicks & thanks for sharing. The sunset one, is that on Gili islands? looks great. How far is it & can one stay over there?

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