Layover Time

All of the posts I have done so far have been about my past travels. It is time to change that and that means I am going to talk about a travel that I have just started. This travel unlike most of my past travels is not to Asia, but a whole different part of the map. This new part of the map is South America. This is a continent that I have never been to, but have wanted to go to. So I thought I would change the direction of this trip to south instead of east.
I started this new travel early this morning and right now I am on a layover waiting for my flight that will get me to South America. My first stop in South America is going to be Lima, Peru. After spending some time in Peru it will be time to head south to Chile and Argentina. Overall I will be on the road in parts of South America for 12 weeks before I will head back home.
As I type all this down I am getting excited to get to Peru and start my travel. One thing is a little wrong though, that is it has not hit me yet that I am starting a new travel. This is something that sounds odd because if I am not traveling why else would I be in an airport? I think my brain just needs to catch up to what my body is doing. I am sure when I land in Peru it will hit me that I am not home and that it is time to see a new part of the world.
I cannot wait to see this new part of the world and I will be sure to post information and pictures about what I am doing and seeing. I hope you keep checking in to see what I am up to.

13 responses to “Layover Time

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the reality not sinking in bit. It’s so funny because it’s just a you said, logically you know what is about to happen but it just has not hit you yet.

  2. I spent three weeks in Peru back in July 2011, and had a blast! I still need to blog about those stories, but Lima has a few cool things to check out including the free walking tour that starts at the main plaza on Tuesdays and Fridays if I remember correctly. Great way to get acquainted with the city in a jiffy!

  3. Hi Ryan,
    That’s awesome your traveling Peru!! If you need suggestions about anything let me know! I’ve traveled Peru about 5 years ago! From Lima to Arequipa to Cuzco to Iquitos!! Have fun!

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