Not a Fun Bus Ride

As I sit on the stairs of the bus, only one thought is in my mind: Can I hold the throw up in until the bathroom is free? As each moment passes, it becomes harder to think that I can make it. Finally, the bathroom becomes free. It’s the best thing ever. I get up as fast as I can, which unfortunately isn’t very fast because each movement makes me want to throw up more. However, before I am able to get to the bathroom, an old hunched over lady pushes me aside and closes the door. At this point, I know I will not make it to the bathroom in time, so I question where the best place would be to empty my stomach. There is no garbage bin nor bag in sight and there is not even a window to stick out my head. The floor is looking like it might be my only option. Just as I thought the floor would get a new color added to it, the old lady steps out of the bathroom. I run into the room not caring if I upset my stomach more. Before the door even closes, the toilet has received everything that was in my stomach moments ago.
This is how I started my 25 hour bus ride from Lima to Cusco. I wish I could say that after the first time in the bathroom I was fine for the rest of the ride, but that would not be the truth. The whole ride was full of trips to the bathroom. There were also some visits behind various bushes while I was waiting on the side of the road for the bus to get in working condition (the bus broke down about four times). Oddly enough, I have never thrown up or gotten motion sickness on a bus before. While this ride was not perfectly comfortable, it was far from the worst ride I’ve ever experienced. I have been in stuffy, overcrowded Indian buses, ridden with chickens and other animals in Nepal, and taken bumpy jeep rides up unpaved mountain roads in Northern Thailand. While I was fine all of those other times, something did not sit well with me on this ride. Hopefully, this is not a recurring theme for me on this trip, because there are potentially a lot more bus rides in my not so distant future.

19 responses to “Not a Fun Bus Ride

  1. I get motion sickness sometimes. The severity depends on a number of factors including how bumpy the ride is, and how much air I am getting and what I have eaten. I find motion sickness tablets half an hour before the trip are the best option if you aren’t sure. Feeling your pain right now though.

  2. Damn. Try chewing gum, not looking out of the side windows, and getting some air. I get car sick almost 100% of the times lol. If it’s a long ride I try and sleep. Good luck!

  3. Been there…done that…mine was because the bus was climbing a long winding road up a mountain…n the bus had no bathroom in it so I had to go in a plastic bag…definitely not a good experience to remember…gosh this made me remember all over again! Haha…

  4. Avoid the nightbus from La Paz to Uyuni (Bolivia). A real nightmare, even if you don’t get sick.
    Thanks fot following my blog Much appreciated.
    Enjoy your trip. It is a beautiful part of the world.

  5. Ugh! I bet the altitude made it worse for you. I know I felt strange the whole time I was in Peru. Reading this though, I’m glad we decided to fly to Cusco from Lima! We had debated doing it by bus “for the experience”, but due to time constraints opted to fly.

  6. Nice post, it brings back some fond memories of a time I ate a handful of wasabi peas on an overnight bus from Sa Pa to Hanoi. I’d never eaten them before and my stomach violently rejected them – repeatedly.

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