A Startling Start

I step off the bus and start walking the city streets in search for a place to stay. I am not sure where I will stay, but I do know the area of the city I want to stay in.  It does not look too far on the map, so I decided to take a walk. At fist this walk seems normal, but the longer it goes on I start to feel as if something is wrong. It takes me a few minutes to put my finger on what is making me feel this way, but never the less my finger does find what it is looking for. What is abnormal about this walk is that there are not many people walking along the sidewalks around me, along with the fact that almost all of the shops are closed. I start to feel as if I am walking the streets of 28 Days Later, I can eve hear Godspeed You Black Emperor playing in my mind. I start to walk a little faster.  The farther away I get from the bus station the more people I start to see. Seeing these people makes me feel a little better, but still for a city this size (around 5.5 million)there should be a lot more people out walking the streets at nine in the morning.

This was my first impression of Santiago Chile. When I did find a place to stay I asked the worker if something was going on today and she told me it was Navy Day. Finding this out made me feel dumb, but hopefully this city will be more fun and less creepy than my first glimpse of it. This in fact was true.  The days that followed showed me a lot more of the city and even more of the people that live in the city. Some of the highlights of my time in Santiago was a hike up Cerro San Cristobal, which has a great overlook of the city below.  I also walked around the section of town called Bellavista that is known for graffiti and other art. Even more notable than those two attractions is just walkig around the city.  There are little parks all over the place and no mater where you are it seems like you can always look to the side and see mountians looking back at you. Here are a few shots from my time in the city.

17 responses to “A Startling Start

  1. Loved San Cristobal. Took the cable car when I was up there, and had a swim in the pool. Chile is probably my favourite country, spent three wonderful months there, from north to south. Loved it.

  2. You’re so lucky to see the Andes from the city! When we were there in January, there had been massive forest fires and the Andes were completely obliterated by the smoke. Will you get down to Patagonia at all? We did the Paine Circuit trek and it was awesome!

    • Oh thats no good, but that is great you went to Patagonia. I wanted to go there but it is winter now here, so that means it is super cold and many things are closed. That means I am not going to go, I Will just have to come back some other time.

  3. Thought I’d check out your blog (and do a little exploring). Loved it and will follow. I still adore the adventure of discovering new places and cultures (though my body is no longer quite as co-operative as it once was!). I also love the far east (my second home) and worked with lots of NGOs in my travels (official and unofficial). I never got to South America (I’m a little jealous) but I had more than my share of adventures and exploration.and figure I have time to pour out what I absorbed. I look forward to your posts! (Thanks for the follow!)

  4. Keep the post on South America coming. I love reading about them. South America is in my future travels. Where is next for you?

  5. yessir. there’s nothing like arriving alone to a city that is far from your own, not knowing anyone and not having any idea where you will rest your head that evening. keep it going, it gets more interesting and more powerful with each passing year. safe travels. JT

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