Biking to The Wine

When first thinking about Argentina, wine may not be the first thing that pops into your mind. However, after being here just a few days, it has become very clear that people here love wine. That is not to say that people overindulge. It simply means that they see wine as a food to be loved and enjoyed. With so much love for wine around here, it is no wonder that Argentina makes a lot of wine. One place that has many wineries is just outside of Mendoza.
When I first got to Mendoza I was not thinking that I would go on any wine tours or go to any wine tastings. This was due to the fact that I am not much into wine. I don’t dislike it, but I just don’t know that much about it. My lack of interest of going on a wine tour quickly changed after the first day in the city, because everyone told me I must do it. They all said I should rent a bike and go taste some wine and that it was a very cheap way to have a great day. After hearing this several times I decided I should do it, because why not? Even though I don’t know much about wine I still like riding bikes and maybe I would learn something about wine.
I did end up renting a bike the very next day and pedaled my way from one winery to another. Each winery had their own wine tasting. The bike ride was worth it in itself. It was an enjoyable way to get out of the city. Even though where I was riding was far from the middle of nowhere, it was less crowded. The wine tasting was a lot of fun, I got to try some wine and even learn about how wine is made. Throughout the day I could not help thinking about the characters in Sideways, and how much they would enjoy this day. Here is a little look at my day.

13 responses to “Biking to The Wine

  1. Any particular vineyards or wineries you recommend? I’ll be heading there to do the same thing in a few weeks šŸ™‚

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