Welcome To The Capital

After a twelve hour night bus, that was only meant to take ten hours, the only thing that I want to do is take a nap before exploring the capital of Argentina. Unfortunately, I must find my way to my hostel first, where hopefully a bed will be waiting for me. With my goal in mind, I head outside to try and find a local bus that will take me into the city. I quickly find a map of the city with the list of different buses. However, before I can figure out which bus I need, an older man comes over to me and asks if I need help. After explaining where I need to go, he quickly walks away to find the bus, leaving me to wait for his return. As I stand waiting for him, I notice someone standing too close behind me. The street is not overly crowded so there is no reason for this person to be standing this close. I start taking a few steps away, but as I begin moving I hear a sound that can only be made from a human spitting.  I know instantly that I just got spat on, however, since I cannot feel it, I can only assume that it landed on my backpack. I continue walking away because I know that any kind of confrontation with a man who already spat on me would not do any good. Thankfully after a few seconds, the nice older man appeared with information about my bus. The man shows me the bus I need to take and even tells the bus driver where I need to go. The bus driver says he will let me know when I need to get off. After saying thank you to the older man I walk on the bus only to find out that I need a card to pay for the bus. Since I just got into this city, I do not have a card, but the bus driver does not seem mad and says that I can ride for free. I take my seat on the bus and as it starts moving away my mind starts to think about what just happened.

Within my first few minutes of being in this city, I have been helped out by a nice older man, been given a free bus ride, and have also been spat on. Two of these occurrences make me happy that I am in this city and give me a great feeling about experiencing more. On the other hand, the other occurrence is awful and makes me want to leave this place at once. This is the first time I have ever been spat on and I cannot help but think about the type of person that would spit on someone else on purpose. I would like to think that there are more people in this city who are extremely nice and helpful and I hope that was my last unsettling encounter in this city. I guess I will have to wait and see what this city has in store for me.



17 responses to “Welcome To The Capital

  1. I’m sorry to hear you met an unkind person when you got in. But focus on the good, two people helped you out. I hope you have a wonderful adventure!

  2. On my second visit to Buenos Aires I was using the subway to get to my hostel when somebody threw a stink bomb on my head, I had green stinky sludge in my hair and on my rucksack and two men came to help ‘clean me up’ but I knew they would have tried to rob me so I ignored them and went to my hostel, all the time nervous somebody else would throw something at me from one of the balconies. It was an awful experience and not the nice welcome I’d expected.

  3. That was smart of you to carry on when you were spat on! If you were at the Retiro bus station then you may have been an almost victim of a common form of Buenos Aires mugging. People will spit, drop fake bird droppings, etc. on you and when you go to take of your bag, 3 people will rush over to you, offering to help, and then take your bag and run!

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  5. A positive end to what could have been the worst beginning to a new place ever. How was your experience in Buenos Aires after all?

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