Time For A Book

When I was in Vietnam, I read Graham Greene’s The Quiet American. It seemed like a fitting book to read since the story was set in Vietnam. Many of the places I went to in Vietnam were referenced in the book. This made it a good read for my trip because it made me feel more involved in the story. I have read a few of Graham Greene’s books since Vietnam. This led me to take another of his books with me on this trip, which was called Travels with My Aunt.

Similar to his other books I have read, this novel was well written and had some very funny moments. The plot is about a retired banker who goes on a trip with his aunt. He is very different from his aunt and he learns various things from her along the way. One thing that makes this book great is the humor within it. While it is not necessarily “laugh out loud” funny, it does have many humorous moments. What I liked even better than the humor is that it has a lot to do with travel. It talks about why people travel and why they should/should not travel.

When I read The Quiet American, I did so on purpose because I knew that it took place in Vietnam. I did not pick Travels with My Aunt because I thought it would take place in South America, but little did I know that some of the book actually does. Towards the end of the book they go to Argentina, and when I read this part of the book I was actually there. This made for a better read, just like it was in Vietnam. It seems like when traveling, reading Graham Greene is always a good choice.

6 responses to “Time For A Book

  1. Oh perfect timing! I’m off to Vietnam in 2 weeks and was just thinking last night I needed a good book or two to take with me… going to see if I can find a copy at lunch time today! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I love Graham Greene but I have never read The Quiet American, I must get that now, thanks for the tip. By Bruce Chatwin I’ve read the The Viceroy of Ouidah, set in West Africa and Song Lines a travel across Australia with Aborigines. Another great travel writer is Paul Theroux who wrote Saint Jack and Kowloon Tong, and another book set somewhat between Vietnam and Hong Kong is the Honourable School Boy by John Le carre, a 1970s south east Asia which is pretty intriguing. Reading great novels set in the places you are travelling in, for me is a ‘must’

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