Summer Hot Spot In Winter

Popular vacation spots can be fun to go to, most of the time. Sometimes though they can be overwhelming. There are so many popular vacation spots to go to and each one has its different highlights. But, what they all have in common is there are usually a lot of people at them. These vacation hot spots provide entertainment, beauty, or adventure, but you usually have to be willing to share the place with many people. This is true for Punta del Este…well somewhat true.

Punta del Este is one of the most popular vacation spots in Uruguay (if not the most). It is right by the water with many different beaches to go to and of course there are many very nice upscale places to stay. In the summer time there are huge crowds of people that come here to soak up the sun, but in the winter that is far from the case. As it is winter now, I am not seeing the crowds of people spending their days on the beach. Instead there are very few people and most of the people I do see are ones that live here. It is too cold to lay on the beach and far too cold to go into the water. However, even though it is winter here there is still one thing this place has that is good all year round. That is the Hand In The Sand, which is a piece of art that is right on the beach. Being here in this off season makes me wonder one thing. Since a lot of hotels and other business catering to tourists are closed now or at least pretty empty, how much money do they need to make in the summer? They must make enough because why else would there be so many of them, which means the crowds of people must be bigger than I thought. Sometimes its nice going in off season.

Here is the Hand In The Sand and a few other photos from a summer hot spot in the winter time.

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