Small Beach Town

While traveling, it can be difficult to spend time in smaller towns. Transportation can be lacking and potentially expensive if it is in an obscure place. Even though smaller towns are hard to get to, they are places that I try to go to as much as I can. It is a great way to see a different part of a country, rather than just being in the bigger cities. My yearning to go to smaller towns piqued when I heard about a place called Punta del Diablo in Uruguay. I was told that it is an “anti” Punta del Este, due to the fact that it is less upscale. However, there are still a fair amount of people that go there, which made it easy to catch a bus. After hearing people talk about it, I knew I wanted to go, because it sounded like a perfect place to escape the bigger cities which I have been mainly visiting.

As soon as I stepped off of the bus and my feet touched the ground of Punta del Diablo, I knew I made the right choice. The ground that I was standing on was not a paved road but made of dirt (there are some paved roads but not many). It seemed like I was walking around a ghost town while I was roaming along the roads because few other people were around. Although this is a small town, it is also less crowded because it is winter and not as many people come to the beach. I believe that I liked this town even more because I saw it during winter. I was unhindered by crowds and I was free to enjoy the town on my own.

Here are a few photos of a small beach town in its off season.

14 responses to “Small Beach Town

  1. Couldn’t agree more, the small towns are what really capture the essence of a country. Great pictures btw!

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