Walking City

When traveling it seems like each city and town has something different to offer. Some places have a certain activity that should be done, where others have sights that are a must see.Most of the time these activities and sights are very well known making it easy to do or see them.

The sight that seems the most talked about in Uruguay is not just one building or monument, but the whole city of Colonia. There is not really any activity that is a must in this city, besides for walking around it. It is not a huge city, making walking around easy and enjoyable. The architecture of the city is very unique with a strong European influence. Looking at the buildings and alleyways it can be easy to think that you are walking around the streets of the past. Here are some photos from walking around the city that the main activity is simply to walk around.

9 responses to “Walking City

  1. Your posts are really good. It allows me to travel places from my room. I hope you could also go to the Philippines and discover the great places in here. 🙂

  2. I love cities like this, small enough to explore by foot and charming in its own way. I hope find my way there someday. 🙂

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