A Worthwhile Ride

My eyes are staring out the bus window, trying to capture the landscape that passes by. However, my mind is not helping in this task. Rather than processing and storing the images my eyes are seeing, my mind is elsewhere. My mind is thinking about whether or not I should even be on this bus ride. This bus is taking me twenty hours in the opposite direction. That is very far out of my way to see just one sight. My mind keeps going back and forth trying to decide if this is all worth it. Unfortunately, the only way to decide if this bus ride is worth it or not is to get there, see the sight, and then decide how I feel about it. I would say that all of this thinking is just a waste of time, but there’s not much else to do on a twenty hour bus ride.

The twenty hour bus ride took me to Iguazu Falls and thankfully the long ride was more than worth it. When walking to the falls, the noise of the water blasts through the air even before they come into sight. Once you can see the falls, it is a beautiful scene, unlike anything I have experienced before. With the rush of the falls in my ears and the sight of them all around, it was very hard to even think about anything else. It is difficult to capture a sight so grand as the falls, but here are a few of my attempts at it.

31 responses to “A Worthwhile Ride

  1. holy crap, lucky you, you’ve seen it! why is the water that rust color, is it always like that?

  2. It takes a lot of purpose and direction to ride on a bus for 20 hours, Cybele, but for us to see these amazing photos was worth it (to us anyway!). Thanks for making the trip and sharing these gorgeous photos,

  3. Thanks — brought back memories of my visit there. It is spectacular. Did you go to the Brazilian side? I paid for a tour there, but alas was not allowed to participate without a visa (reguired for Americans to go to Brazil) and it would have taken at least a day or longer to get it. So, I was out about $100 for the tour I could not take.

  4. Your first paragraph more or less sums up how I feel about too-long journeys just to see a particular attraction. Sometimes, these long rides lead to overly high expections and become dampeners by the time you touch down at your destination. At least the ride was worth it for you and the photos are really good! πŸ™‚

    • Its true, it is the worst when you take a long time to get to a place and it does not seem worth it. However it can be even better when it takes a long time to get to a place and it is worth it.

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  7. We are in Buenos Aires now but don’t have enough time for this trip. Your post just reminds me that we will need to come back to Argentina that’s for sure.

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