A Letter to Lost Sunglasses

Dear sunglasses,
I am sorry I could not protect you from the snatching hands as well as you have protected my eyes from the bright rays of the sun. I should have thought of you when I ran off the bus, but the only thought I had was about using the restroom. Well, I also thought enough to grab my bag, but not enough to take you from the front pouch of the seat. After the restroom, it was too late. Someone had already grabbed you. Now I have to sit by the open window, letting all the dust in. I have to do this without the protection you give from the dust. My eyes will surely miss you.

The person who took you from my seat must be in need of your help. The good Samaritan in me feels for them. They obviously need protection from the sun so badly that they have to steal in order to get it. This part of me hopes that you will do good work for them as you have done for me. However, my sympathy is also being overtaken by a different part of me. This side hopes that you will not give this person protection from the sun. I even hope that you might break before they can use or sell you. This way the thief is left with nothing. Yet, that still leaves me without your help on a daily basis. It might sound cruel, but I might have to go to the store to replace you. In fact, I think that is the first task I will do when I get off the bus because my eyes cannot take the dust any longer.
Sorry again,
Your past owner.

A Letter to Lost Sunglasses

12 responses to “A Letter to Lost Sunglasses

  1. I feel your pain. Someone once swiped my sunglasses on a train in Norway and the worst part though, they were prescription lenses so most likely ended up in a trash can. SO frustrating!

  2. hi there, thanks very much for visiting my blog – so far away from south america, and for following, your” ode to stolen sunglasses” made me smile I look forward to travelling with you on your blog Poli

  3. Haha! I once wrote a poem about my first snowboard that was stolen from me. I feel your pain. Nice blog! (And thanks for following mine).

  4. Just caught up on your blog! Welcome to Peru! I’m currently in Cusco and will be here until next Monday morning. Def my fave Peruvian city so far. Will you be making your way here at all?

    And sorry about your sunglasses! Hope you’re able to score an even sweeter pair.


    • Hey! I was just in Cusco a little time ago and now I am heading North. Cusco is a fun city, there are so many things to see and the places around it are great to talk walks. Have fun in cusco! I did get a new pair of sunglasses and I think I like them more than my old ones.

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