Food Photo Friday-Liquid Bubble Gum

Liquid Bubble Gum


This sweet drink tricks the brain into thinking it is having bubble gum rather than a drink.

20 responses to “Food Photo Friday-Liquid Bubble Gum

  1. Ryan, I just walked at McCollum Park with your mom and she told me about your adventures and your blog. Way to go! I’m now a follower! What a fascinating blog, and what a fascinating path you are taking! Best of luck!

  2. The first time I tried Inca Cola I was expecting something akin to Mountain Dew. Imagine my disdain when I actually tasted it. To me it definitely has a sweet chewing gum taste with a hint of banana. My travel buddies and I call it “the banana gum drink.” I haven’t touched the stuff since.

      • Yeah. I couldn’t tell you where I would look if I wanted it on purpose… maybe the Argentinean grocery store where I used to get maté stuff?

        Actually, it’s very possible that my friends who adopted their younger son from Peru brought some back after one of the trips they took there.

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