Photo Tuesday-Llama Drinks

Llama drinks, Machu Picchu.

Here is a llama enjoying a nice drink of water at Machu Picchu.


11 responses to “Photo Tuesday-Llama Drinks

  1. I’ve always wondered whether Machu Picchu is still wonderful or whether it has been overrun by tourists. Can you offer any advice regarding when to go, what to stay away from? Thanks!

    • Machu Picchu is still great and I am very happy I went, but there are a lot of people. It would be better if there where less people, but no matter when you go I think there will be a lot of other people around you. I did go early in the day and that seemed like a good time because a lot of the tours get there around mid day. I would say try and stay away from being there in the middle of the day, go be for or even after. All in all there are a lot of people, but it makes sense because it is such a big thing to see in Peru and even South America.

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