Food Photo Friday-Lunch Time

Lunch Time

One great thing about Peru is lunch time.  That is because it is very easy to find a little restaurant that serves a set meal.  This meal is very basic and comes with a soup, a choice between chicken or fish and a drink.  The best part about it is that it is very cheap, costing about two USD.  This is a photo of chicken and rice than came with a set meal.

13 responses to “Food Photo Friday-Lunch Time

  1. Looks good! I did spend some time in Peru but must say I did get fed up with chicken rice and chips (fries) on the same plate, most days until I got given potatoes for starter main and dessert! I am a lover of spicy food so I always asked for the hot salsa to the point where the percentage of hot salsa to main meal tipped in salsa’s favour!

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