Food Photo Friday-Childhood Pet Or Food?

Eating guinea pig in Peru.

This very common food is none other than cuy, in English it is called guinea pig.  It might not be the worst food I have had, but it is far from the best.  The meat has a good taste to it, but there seems to be more rubbery skin than meat.  The skin makes it a little hard to eat as well as the fact that I cannot help feeling like I just ate my childhood pet.

28 responses to “Food Photo Friday-Childhood Pet Or Food?

  1. I’ve never had that before.. but I am wiling to try it even if it’s once! What type of spices/sauce do they use to cook it? Also, what type of cuisine serves “cuy”?

  2. I’m not sure I’d be able to eat guinea pig! Although … if there’s nothing else, maybe.
    I have tried crickets – that was in Nong Khai, Thailand. The marinade was tasty but the legs scratched my throat on the way down – the sensation put me off a second attempt.

  3. I ate guinea pig in Peru, quite enjoyed it apart. No reason apart from a moral one why we can’t eat them, same as with dogs in the UK. We just don’t though, do we?

  4. I am with you…I might just have a rule that no one tells me what it is…until after I have eaten it (preferably days later). Only then could I judge it fairly.

  5. I will be able to manage eating the guinea pig as long as I don’t know it’s a guinea pig. This is how I learned to eat frogs legs. I was told it was chicken and I ate everything up. It was only after that I was told it was frogs’ legs. But now, I love eating them. I’m sure the guinea pig would have tasted better if it had been cooked in ginger, onions, chillie and oyster sauce! Cannot make it with just salt! 🙂

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