The End Of My South America Road

Through the taxi window, I watch the city streets pass by full of cars and people.  This taxi is not taking me to a new destination, but rather to an old one.  This ride is taking me to the airport so I can take a flight that will take me back home.  With each rotation of the taxi’s tires, my time in South America is coming closer to an end.  I cannot help but feel a little depressed by the fact that my adventure is going to be over soon.  Even though my adventure has spanned a few months, the greedy traveler in me does not want it to ever end.

As a distraction, I try to think about all of the new moments that have happened to me on this trip.  The vast majority of the activities were new for me since this was my first time in South America.  That means it was the first time I got to walk down streets of various countries (Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile), hear the noises of the cities, see the local sights, eat the food and even smell the local aroma.  I saw amazing sights and even two world wonders: Iguazu Falls and Machu Picchu.  These countries will not escape from my memory.

Through all of the good moments of this travel, there were also times that were less than enjoyable.  Some of these moments included: throwing up on a long distance bus ride, getting spat on, and having a stranger try to steal my bags two different times. (I was lucky enough that neither of them succeeded in their task.)  Even though these were moments that did not add to the enjoyment of my trip, they were new experiences that I will not forget.  All the good and bad moments mix together to form my entire experience, with the highs as well as the lows.  While it is time to go back home, I now have a new bundle of memories that are sure to change the way I travel and look at the world.

Good bye South America.

24 responses to “The End Of My South America Road

  1. I have enjoyed your thoughts…and hope to hear some moreof them in the future…safe travels…until you travel again.

  2. The uncertainty of travel is sometimes what makes it most exciting. All those new, great experiences and the unexpected bad ones just make for a long list of impressive stories to tell everyone back home and to tell yourself when you start feeling a little wanderlust creeping in on you. Hope you had a safe trip home!

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