Food Photo Friday-Bug For A Snack

Bug For A Snack, Thailand.

When it is snack time in Thailand you could eat some “normal” snack food, or you could try some fried bugs.  Once you get over the fact that you are eating bugs and get through the first big crunch, they are not hard to eat.  That is because the taste of these bugs is not too bad; however they are a little too salty.  Consumed in 2012.

24 responses to “Food Photo Friday-Bug For A Snack

  1. I had cricket tostadas here in Seattle in February; they were actually quite good. They had an earthiness flavor to them. My wife and the woman sitting next to me weren’t impressed.

  2. I’ve had chocolate covered crickets before but I think without the chocolate, I’m not sure I could get over the legs. I mean… legs! In your mouth. Maybe I would be down for trying some grubs instead?

  3. Nice, Ryan. the bug thing is always a bit scary at first, but as you say, after that first crunch, and maybe some mezcal, you can keep on eating. happy travels. JT

    • I am not sure if they are naturally salty, but I know that they salt them when they cook them. The bugs are not that big so you would have to eat a lot of them to fill you up.

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