Food Photo Friday-Coffee From Vietnam

Coffee from Vietnam

One of the great things about traveling is trying new food and drinks.  One of the best new foods for me has to be coffee from Vietnam.  My days traveling Vietnam would not start till I had a cup of the sweet slow dripped coffee. Consumed in 2012.

24 responses to “Food Photo Friday-Coffee From Vietnam

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  2. I may be in a minority of one, but I tried that coffee in Ho Chi Minh. Its such a slow steep that by the time I drank it, it was almost cold and wasn’t particularly great either. However, I did love absolutely everything else that I ate, smelt, touched, saw, heard and generally experienced in Vietnam.

  3. Nice shot. Coffee is one of those great universal beverages that we can chase across the globe. So I love sampling all of its variations as I travel. Will have to make it to Vietnam someday 😉

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