First Taiwan Update

I wish I could say that I am on an airplane right now or that I am sitting in the Hong Kong airport waiting for my next flight.  I wish I could say how I have plans to teach English and that everything is set up for when I arrive in Taiwan.  I wish this post could be about how I cannot wait to start my new adventure in Taiwan.  However, I might be able to wish those things about this post, but that does not make them true.  I am not on an airplane or at the Hong Kong airport nor can I say I have everything lined up for when I arrive in Taiwan.

The airplane ride and the waiting in the Hong Kong airport happened just shy of a week ago.  As my flight has come and gone, so have my original plans for my time in Taiwan.  I had a teaching English job lined up before I left home, which was supposed to start as soon as I got to Taiwan.  However, when I arrived in Taiwan, I learned that the school did not actually need me.

Landing in a new country and finding out that you don’t have a job is not a very fun experience.  I don’t quite have a plan anymore since working for the school was the reason why I came to Taiwan.  Unfortunately, posting has slipped from my mind since I’ve had many other things to try and sort out.  This post does not really include my first thoughts but is really just an update.  My first impressions will come soon, but I first need to come up with a new planGoing to Taiwan

46 responses to “First Taiwan Update

  1. The unknown is very unnerving but this could be a blessing in disguise. Something better could be right around the corner, so enjoy the experience and adventure. Taiwan is a great place to get lost in.

  2. I met a guy in Korea who had the same thing happen. He went all the way there to be told they changed their mind and gave the job to a local. Then he had some interviews and got another job but they lied when they said it was a Monday to Friday gig and demanded he work Saturday and Sunday too. He did end up with a job after some more interviews and time in limbo. He was so stressed at the time so I can only imagine how you are feeling. Hope things improve.

  3. So sorry to hear about the teaching job not pulling through. I hope the tide turns in your favor soonest. Good luck!

  4. Oh no! How could this have happened? You can’t just offer a person a teaching job and then tell them that you don’t need them anymore after they have arrived! There is such a thing called an employment contract! Did you get any form of compensation? This is so devastating! I hope things look up for you soon. 😦

    • I did not get anything. It happened because there are so many people looking for teaching jobs in Taiwan (and other parts of Asia) that some places do not treat them good at all because they know there are more that they can get. It is not a great way to treat people at all.

  5. Sorry your job didn’t come through. Try just walking from school to school with your biggest smile and ask if they need teachers. They often do (worked for me when I was there). just be sure they want you real bad and can give you a visa if you need one. If they like you they’ll generally help you work out the other stuff.

  6. Hey don’t be that discouraged! Finding a job as English teacher is not that hard in Asia, you’ll soon find something! And this is just another unpredictable experience that will make you stronger and wiser! Cheers! #gre

  7. I met a lady last month at the doctor’s office, who said that years ago, she had been traveling through Kansas and the car broke down in Dodge City and she ended up staying there, getting a job at the airport, and she had just retired! Sometimes, we can be led to places for reasons other than “the planned.” Good luck with your upcoming life.

  8. I’m sorry to hear of your disappointment. I totally sympathize. If you’re interested at all in teaching in the Emirates or Qatar, most schools hiring here will pay for your airfare, provide you with pretty decent accommodation, often transport to work and back and sometimes even have a few days supply of food in the fridge until you get settled. If they give you the Al Maha greeting service at the airport in Doha, you’ll feel like a king. You’re not too far from here in Taiwan. It’s something to think about anyway. I hope your experience totally turns around for you. I’ll be looking for your updates.

  9. Eesh, that sounds rough. But you can probably now find a better job than the one lined up, they’re easy enough to find here. More will be available for the NY soon. In the mean time make a profile on the private tutoring websit (I think, Google MYU taiwan if not) it’s extremely easy to find well paid private tutoring here and it will keep you from starving.

    If you want someone to explore Taiwan with at the weekends, get in touch. My work schedule makes it kinda hard to meet new people to travel with.

      • I may have accidentally commented multiple times because none showed up, and this was the first comment I made. Ohhh, you have to accept the comments. Ding. Rookie blogger mistake. Sorry about that. Anyway, I have various out of Taipei plans for the near future. You can find me on Facebook, Amelia Easten.

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