Taroko National Park

Instead of hanging out around Taipei, obsessing over what I should do and waiting to hear back from potential jobs, I decided that the best thing to do would be to see some different parts of Taiwan.  I thought this would be a good idea because it will keep me active, show me some new places I may want to stay, and I can still continue to look for jobs online while I’m traveling.  Following this logic, I decided it was time to get back on the road and travel around Taiwan.

The first stop was Taroko National Park.  Taiwan has many different National Parks, which is very impressive since Taiwan is not that large of a country.  Out of all of Taiwan’s National Parks, Taroko is one of the most popular tourist destinations.  Since it is so popular, that usually means that it is worth going to see.  On the other hand, some destinations that are popular become overcrowded and sometimes less populated places are actually better.  Luckily, it was well worth going to see Taroko National Park.  I cannot say if it is the best park in Taiwan (since it is the only one I have seen), however walking around the park and seeing the gorge made it well worth getting out of the city.  So far my decision to leave Taipei to see more of Taiwan seems like a great decision.  Here are a few photos from my stroll around the park.

8 responses to “Taroko National Park

  1. I agree, Taiwan is incredibly beautiful especially the east coast away from the tourist spots. We lived in Hualien for a little over a year and loved it. (Also was great for getting teaching jobs as there were less foreigners there.) The “aboriginal tribes” as they were called live in the mountains not far away. They are wonderful folks. We used to visit them sometimes as I helped with earthquake relief work after the big one there.(famous for their incredibly beautiful drag queen dancers. – impossible to tell they are men).

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  4. Taroko Gorge and Hualien were quite possibly my favorite areas inTaiwan. I spent a view weeks volunteering on a farm near Hualien during my visit to Taiwan. Absolutely beautiful!

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