Beach Of Pi

There are many different types of sights to see while traveling.  These types can be anything from historical, nature, modern or new.  I usually like to try and see different types of sights because if I see sights that are too similar, they can start to blur together.  Therefore, it is always nice to mix it up and see a variety of different sights.

In all of my travels, I have not seen sights from movies very often.  I have not thought a lot about this type of sight because I never seem to be in a place where a movie has been filmed or at least I’m not aware of it.  This is strange for me because I am a huge fan of international films, thus I would think I would scout out film locations more than I do.  Thus, I did scout out my first film location when I heard about it from some other travelers.  This location is in the very south of Taiwan in a place called Kenting.  Kenting is a beach town that gets a lot of tourists, some local and some international.  There are a few different beaches, but the one I had my mind set on going to was  Kenting Baisha Bay.  Some parts of the film Life of Pi were filmed at this location.  The director of the film, Ang Lee, was born in Taiwan and has shot quit a few of his movies here as well.  The beach was not the largest or the most secluded (the beach has gotten more popular since the movie), but it is still a nice beach to have a relaxing, lazy day.  After this lazy beach day I am going to think more about seeing sights from film, since it seems like a perfect fit for combining two things I love, traveling and films.


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