Merry Dumpling Christmas

Christmas color dumplings in Taiwan.

It only seems like a few days ago that I was asking myself the question of what I should eat for Thanksgiving.  However it was some time ago, since today I had to ask myself around the same question.  The only thing that was different this time was the holiday, since this time it was what to eat for Christmas and not Thanksgiving.  This question was harder to answer because a KFC dinner did not seem like it would do.  All the food that I could think of eating seemed hard to find or hard to cook by myself.  After some thinking I landed on the food that I would  eat for Christmas.  My dinner was non other than dumplings.  It is something far from what I would eat at home on this day, but at least the colors have to do with Christmas.  The red ones are a hot pork dumpling and the green ones are a leek dumpling.  Merry Christmas!

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