Food Photo Friday-Wheel Cake

Wheel cake in Taiwan.

This little treat is called a wheel cake, or at least that is what the vendors at the night market call it.  However even if I am not sure what the true name is I do know that this cake makes for a great finish to a night market dinner.  The cake in this photo is filled with a custard, but it can come with a red bean paste filling instead.  Even though it comes in two different kinds I seem to always get the custard one.  Consumed in Taiwan.

19 responses to “Food Photo Friday-Wheel Cake

  1. Here in the Manila we call it a Japanese cake, no idea whether it originated in Japan, but it looks the same and is filled with custard, too 🙂

  2. I so want to have a piece of that cake! I’m visiting Manila soon. Hopefully, I’ll come upon a bakery that makes Japanese cake!

  3. Seeing blogs about dessert foods are really making it hard for me to stick to my new year resolution 🙂
    Also street food I’ve encountered on my current travels through SE Asia has been better than I thought, maybe I should stay indoors 🙂

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