Not The Best Place

I have said in the past that in some cases small towns or cities can potentially be the best places to visit in a country.  These places can show a different side of a country that major cities cannot show.  Smaller towns and cities are usually less crowded since not as many tourists usually go there which sometimes makes places more authentic.  When these things are true it leads to a great visit to a place that fewer travelers get to see.  However, this is not always the case when visiting a smaller city.

Sometimes there can be a reason why less people go to visit certain places, regardless of its size.  Some small cities just don’t have a lot to see.  This is the feeling I have about a smaller city in Taiwan called Chiayi.  This city is not a major city for travelers to visit and is smaller than a lot of other Taiwan cities. That in itself does not make it bad, since I was thinking that could make it a fun place to see.  Unfortunately, there’s just not a lot to do in the city.  One of the major sights to see is a little village in the center of town.  It has traditional Japanese style houses and restaurants; however it seems like the closest thing I have seen to a tourist trap so far in Taiwan.  Everything is very expensive and the whole environment seemed a little off, and it did not help that the music playing was of a little girl singing the alphabet over and over.  Smaller cities can be a great way to see something different; however sometimes they can also be a little stopover going towards a better place.

6 responses to “Not The Best Place

  1. True, sometimes small cities are not too interesting. Chiayi does have a famous attraction, but it’s not in the town – Alishan mountain, which is on the outskirts and is Taiwan’s most famous mountain.

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