A Little Better Place

In my last post (Not The Best Place) I talked about how the city of Chiayi seemed to lack sights to see or things to do.  Since that post, I wanted to try and see more of the city in hopes that I might change my mind.  That means I set out for a day of exploring the city.  The day was definitely better than I thought it would be.  I found some fun sights and nice parks to walk around.  However, even though these were nice places to see, they did not stand out much since a lot of cities around here have nice parks to walk around.

The best sight that I found in my day exploring the city was the Chiayi Train Yard.  The yard was where the old main station used to be, but it is not used anymore, so the city turned it into a little park.  What makes it a nice place is that there are some old train cars that are still there making it different from other parks around the area.  After exploring the city for the day, I have started to like it a little more.  I still do not think that it is the best city in Taiwan, or even one that is a must see, but there are a few places here that are worth spending a day exploring around the city.  Here are a few photos from the train yard.

6 responses to “A Little Better Place

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  3. Nice photos Ryan, especially the hanging vines almost hiding the train from view! Glad to hear you found some gems in the city. What’s that last photo, an etching of a train on a stone wall?

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