Food Photo Friday- A Different Dish

Fallopian tubes from a female pig with ginger, in Taiwan.

When traveling I always like to try to branch out and eat food that might seem a little different to me.  This has led me to eat many different foods, such as bugs in Thailand to other non normal (for me) foods.  Even though I have had some different types of food the strangest (for me) would have to be what I just ate.  This is a photo of fallopian tubes from a female pig.  It is cut up and served with soy sauce and ginger.  It sounds very different and in fact has a different taste that is hard to describe.  The food I can most compare it to would be calamari, but that might just be because of the texture. Overall the dish was not bad, but it might not be something I will get seconds of.  Consumed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

11 responses to “Food Photo Friday- A Different Dish

  1. I could NOT eat that but I admire you for taking the plunge! I couldn’t eat bugs either so I’m not sure how adventurous I’d be in Taiwan. I have eaten scorpions (bugs) in Thailand but they seemed pretty harmless compared to this.

  2. We share exactly the same beliefs I think, I always eat locally no matter where I am. I did try that dish when in Taiwan, I think I probably grimaced more than was necessary but I finished it. No seconds for me either though.

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