Art In Kaohsiung

The fact that Taipei is the capital and largest city of Taiwan is actually only partially true.  Taipei is without a doubt the capital of Taiwan.  However, if you only count the population of the city itself, it is not actually the largest city.  If you add the surrounding areas (called New Taipei City) then it is the largest city.  The next largest city is Kaohsiung.  Kaohsiung is in the south of Taiwan and it used to be the largest harbor for importing and exporting in Taiwan.  In recent years that activity has declined, but the harbor is still used.  Since Kaohsiung is the second (in most people’s minds) biggest city, it seems to be talked about significantly less than Taipei.

Even though it may be an overlooked city, there are still many sights to see.  Even before getting to the city I knew I wanted to visit the Pier 2 Art District.  This is an outdoor art space with a variety of artwork.  The pier that it is on was used for cargo ships, but for the past few years it has not been used.  Therefore, the city turned it into a place for art.  This is not the only art themed sight Kaohsiung has to offer, but it is the most popular.  Maybe since it is not the largest city it is trying to be the most significant art city in Taiwan.  Here are some snapshots from the art pier.

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