Lotus Pond

Even before I got to Kaohsiung I knew that I wanted to visit a place in the city called Lotus Pond.  I saw some pictures of the pond and it looked like a neat place to go and see for myself.  However, my desire to see the pond started to dwindle a little once I talked to some people about it.  Some people said it was great and others said it was bad, but the majority said it was underwhelming.  Since these opinions were coming from both tourists and locals I started to rethink how nice this place might actually be and whether or not I wanted to see it for myself.  Even with the mixed reviews about the pond, I decided that I still wanted to go.

After walking around the pond and exploring the temples alongside the water, I began to understand what people were telling me about this place.  It is nice to walk around and fun to see the temples that are by the water.  Yet, even with these positive aspects, there is still something somewhat underwhelming about the place.  This feeling might be brought on by the fact that most of the temples at the pond look very new, making it seem a little bit touristy.  However, the temples are still used for the most part; therefore they are not just put there for tourists.  Even though some people might think this place is underwhelming, as I can somewhat agree with, I did enjoy my time at the pond.  Here are some photos from my walk around the pond.

5 responses to “Lotus Pond

  1. I’ve never been there, but I wonder whether this ‘pond’ is used for dragon boat races (I used to race, in Canada). Looks like perfect venue for that sport. A pond like that, full of colorful dragon boats, pumped up paddlers, families, friends, sponsor and food tents and cheering fans would likely turn it into an amazing place and feast for the senses!

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