Kaohsiung Film Archive

Kaohsiung Film Archive

The Kaohsiung Film Archive is a great place for anyone who likes film.  The Film Archive has a big screening room where they show newer films, similar to a regular movie theater, except that most of the movies shown might be hard to find playing at a normal theater.  It also has a large collection of films that you can watch on a private TV at the Archive.  The movies in this collection range from popular modern movies to classic films.  What might be the best part about watching films on a private screen is that it is free to use.

When I heard about the Kaohsiung Film Archive, it sounded like a place I wanted to explore and I even knew what movie I wanted to watch (if they had it).  The movie I wanted to see was Cape No.7.  It is a Taiwanese film that came out in 2008.  It is a very popular movie in Taiwan and most people have seen it, but the main reason I wanted to watch it was because part of it was filmed at Kenting Baisha Bay which I just visited.  Parts of the movie Life of Pi were also filmed on that beach.  They did have the film and watching Cape No.7 at the Film Archive was fun.  It was nice to know that I was just at the beautiful beach where most of the movie took place.  Also, to top it all off, the movie was not half bad.


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