Taipei 101

Taiwan does not get the same amount of visitors as other countries in Asia.  It seems like a lot of international travelers overlook it when they are planning their trip to Asia.  There could be many different reasons why a person might overlook Taiwan.  It is a small island, which means that people may not want to stay for too long, and the only way to really get to Taiwan is by flight.  Therefore it is not an easy addition to a trip like other countries in Southeast Asia.  Other places are easier to get to and are more connected to neighboring countries.

The main reason why Taiwan might not be a common tourist attraction is because there is a lack of world famous sights.  Most countries, or at least the frequently traveled ones, have various must see landmarks.  These are sights that almost everyone has heard of, like The Great Wall Of China.  Taiwan does not really have any particular sight of this caliber.  When pushed to come up with one, it might just be the capital city, Taipei.  It is a pretty well-known city that most people have heard of before.  Within Taipei there are many different sights to see and the one on top of the list is probably Taipei 101.  This is the tallest building in Taiwan as well as the most famous one, which probably makes it Taiwan’s most world recognized sight.  While it may not be The Great Wall of China, it is still a fantastic building to see in person.  Here are some photos of Taipei 101.

11 responses to “Taipei 101

  1. My wife and I visited Taiwan a couple of years ago and thought it was amazing. It was our first visit to Asia, but the sights and sounds were incredible and really set a high bar for future visits. Everything we experienced made it a trip to remember forever. The evening scenery from the top of Taipei 101, the bustle of night markets, the aroma of incense in the temples, and the natural beauty of Yangmingshan National Park, Wulai, and Yehliu Geopark made the trip one we’ll never forget.

  2. I’ve been to Taiwan before and you’re right it’s not as famous as other Asian countries. But I remember Taipei is surrounded by mountains and I thought that was beautiful.

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