Food Photo Friday-Sticky Rice Dumpling

Sticky rice dumpling in Taiwan.

Dumplings in Taiwan come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the more “traditional” steamed dumplings to ones that are lesser known.  This particular dumpling is a stick rice dumpling, it is made with sticky rice and is filled with pork and some vegetables.  It has a strong rice and pork flavor, but it is cooked in a bamboo leaf that gives it a little different taste.  This medium-sized dumpling makes for a great grab and go lunch.  Consumed in Taiwan.


3 responses to “Food Photo Friday-Sticky Rice Dumpling

  1. I’m a huge dumpling fan–the more I eat, the huger I get!

    This one is quite easy to make at home, and they freeze well, so make great snacks that can last a while.

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