Food Photo Friday-Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea in Taiwan.

By far one of the most popular drinks in Taiwan is tea.  The type of tea that seems to be the most popular in Taiwan is the one that is claimed to be originated here.  This tea is none other than bubble tea.  It is true that the first bubble tea was made in Taiwan, but over the past years it has been growing in popularity all over the world.  What makes bubble tea very different from other types of tea is what is called “bubbles” hence the name.  These bubbles are tapioca pearls that are gummy and sweet, making the tea seem more like a snack rather than just a drink.  What might be the best thing about this tea is that you can pick what type of tea you want (green or black), with or without milk and how much ice and sugar you want.  It takes a few times to get it all right, but once you do it is easy to taste why this drink is getting so popular.  Consumed all of Taiwan.

18 responses to “Food Photo Friday-Bubble Tea

  1. I am addicted to bubble tea (hot, black tea, with milk, no extra sugar). There is a Taiwanese bubble tea shop around the corner from one of my work locations – I visit there every lunch time. I’m just glad these shops aren’t everywhere in Beijing….yet.

  2. I love bubble tea! Haha I didn’t know that tapioca pearls come from the yucca plant!! The same yucca we eat fried in Mexico and other parts of Latin America! It’s fascinating how very different cultures share so much in common in their food and ingredients.

  3. Hi chingu (mens friend), thank you for following my blog. You have an interesting blog too! I like it ♥ *throw hearts*

  4. Ah, reminds me of my first bubble tea. My brother and I both worked at TGI Fridays and after work we went over to a small place called Green Leaf. After we tried it, we had to get everyone else at work to try it and because of that, it became our hang out spot. Good stuff. (P.S. Thanks for the follow)

  5. So cool, I love these. I wonder how different these ones taste to the ones I get in Australia. Yummo 😛

  6. Yessss they’re the best here! Nowhere else gets them as “Q” (which is the word to describe soft, chewy things like the tapioca pearls or mochi) as Taiwan, although some spots on Southern California get pretty close. This made me crave some bubble tea…think I’ll go take a little walk to the closest tea shop haha 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and enjoy (eating) Taiwan 😀

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