Garbage Truck Song

The light starts to slowly fade away, letting another night come into existence.  As the light makes this shift, I head out to find a night market to get some food.  As I walk the city streets of Kaohsiung, I start to hear a faint sound.  It is not the common sounds of traffic, filled with more motor bikes than cars, nor is it the noise of people that are surely heading out for dinner.  This sound that started faint is starting to get louder now.  I start to realize what it is, or at least what I think it is.  It sounds just like an ice cream truck, which drives around in summer playing music to let everyone know it is coming.  This sound is not a new one to me; however it seems odd since I do not think Taiwan has ice cream trucks like back home.  I start to look around for the source of the sound, which I truly start to believe must be an ice cream truck.  However, instead of seeing a truck with a line of kids holding cash waiting to get a cold treat, I see a garbage truck that slows down to a stop with a line of adults holding bags of trash.  This garbage truck is where the music was coming from; making me feel a little foolish that I thought it might be coming from an ice cream truck.Garbage truck song in Taiwan.

6 responses to “Garbage Truck Song

  1. This post made me laugh. We just had friends visit from Taiwan and they shared the fact that their garbage trucks sound like ice cream trucks. I wish Malaysia did this too! It takes taking the trash out a much more pleasant experience 😉

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  2. This is what I grew up from childhood to the familiar scene, I heard Beethoven’s “Maiden’s Prayer” to know garbage truck came, almost as a response immediately.

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