A Glance of Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport is a place I have spent quite some time in, due to the fact that it is a common place to have a layover while traveling around Asia.  Unfortunately, the airport is the only part of Hong Kong that I have had the chance of seeing and although it is a good airport, this means that I have not truly been to Hong Kong.  I finally had the chance to see Hong Kong on my way home from Taiwan, even if it was for only thirty hours.

Even though Hong Kong is not the largest place, there are still many sights to see and contains way more than I could see in the short amount of time that I had.  This meant I could only see some highlights that I knew I would have time to partake in.  I spent my hours in Hong Kong taking a Star Ferry ride, riding the trams (Yes! They still have trams) and seeing the Avenue of Stars.  The Avenue of Stars is more or less like Hollywood Boulevard, but containing mostly Hong Kong movie stars and with a big statue of Bruce Lee.  All of these activities were fun, but the one that sticks out the most is simply walking around the streets of Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is such a big place (at least as far as population) with such diversity of people.  The buildings seem to change from old to ultra-modern with the passing of each street.  This all adds up to making the simple action of walking a few different blocks a wonderful activity while traveling in Hong Kong.  Even though I only had a very short glance of Hong Kong, it still made for a better layover than any other one I have had in the past.

9 responses to “A Glance of Hong Kong

  1. Next time you pass through HK, let me know. I lived there for six years, I can steer to some good picture locations that are not too far off the beaten path.

  2. Come back for longer next time! Taking the Star Ferry is one of my favourite things to do, especially at night when the whole city lights up 🙂

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