Food Photo Friday-Clay Pot Rice

Clay Pot Rice in Hong Kong.

One of the first foods that most people say you must try in Hong Kong is none other than clay pot rice.  Hearing so many people talk about this dish got me very excited to try it for myself and lead me to have it for my first meal in Hong Kong.  The clay pot rice that I ate was with sausage and pig knuckles along with some vegetables. Even though both of the meats were great the best part about it was the rice.  What makes the rice so great is that it is cooked inside a clay pot along with all the other ingredients.  This gives a good texture to the rice and gives it an even better flavor.  After eating this dish I now can see why so many people say it is a must have when in Hong Kong.  Consumed in Hong Kong, February 2015.

14 responses to “Food Photo Friday-Clay Pot Rice

  1. This looks yum! We have a sweetened rice dessert called firni here in India traditionally made in clay pots too. I loved your post .

  2. Looks delicious! I wonder if making one using a rice cooker will result in something palatable. 🙂 I have made a Filipino version of Arroz ala Valenciana using my rice cooker. It was pretty close to the Valenciana I grew up enjoying. Hmmnnn…

      • The style and method of cooking may be the same. Use of spices might be different, south East Asians varies from the Far East in these. But there are people of Hong Kong who are settling there, so I guess it depends on the chef or cook.😃😄 Wishing you a great week ahead, Ryan.

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